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Awakened Minds – Insight

[1 CD – FLAC]



downloaded from seduction.grThe Insight CD is an extraordinary tool dedicated to helping you reduce stress, improve sleep, achieve deeper levels of self awareness and personal insight, and much more. The CD is designed to promote long-term personal growth and improvement.Simply by listening to an audio CD through stereo headphones for less than a half-hour each day, you can:•  Achieve profound states of deep meditation and relaxation•  Significantly reduce stress and anxiety•  Improve your sleep and increase energy and vitality•  Awaken your potential for long-term personal growth•  Dramatically increase your self-awareness•  Take your inspiration and motivation to new levels•  Develop your intuition and expand your personal insight•  Reach deep into your subconscious mind for life solutionsThe Insight CD will help you enhance your mind’s potential, guiding you into a profoundly deep meditative state. The incredibly relaxing meditative state evoked by listening to the CD has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, to dramatically improve the quality of your sleep, and to promote long-term improvement in mental and emotional well-being.The Insight CD is so relaxing, it is even used by massage therapists to soothe and relax their clients during sessions.


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