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AudioStrobe – Brain Scan

AudioStrobe – Brain Scan



Brain Scan Tamas LaboratoriumThis is Brainwave Entrainment with AudioStrobe encoding.  AudioStrobe is the leading system for controlling light goggles used in Audio-Visual stimulation.  While light goggles will give maximum effect, these tracks may still be effective with audio only.  Before using this, you should be familiar with the concepts of Beta, Alpha, and Theta.[url][/url]:Quote:High efficiency programs: Beta, Alpha and Theta, resulting from the many years experience of Tamas Lab. in audiovisual stimulation. Very effective 3-D sound and light structures. This rip came from usenet.  I added tags.  AudioStrobe products are scarce, so get this while you can and please share any other AudioStrobe lossless files that you may have.  I can also up the following if there is interest: Requiem, Visions I, and the Sampler.


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