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Arthur Samuel Joseph – Vocal Awareness DVD

Vocal Awareness DVD


Arthur Joseph is a modest and soft spoken man whose private client list is a “Who’s Who” of the entertainment world. For over four decades, Joseph has investigated the connection between language, breath, and psychological response. His research is startling… If you stuck a pin in Arthur Joseph’s client list, chances are it would pass through the names of some of the world’s biggest stars and most influential leaders. Their voices have romanced, seduced, persuaded, and convinced the world. From Sean Connery and Fay Dunaway to Albert Finney and Charlton Heston, Joseph has been the private voice coach to the elite. Here’s your ticket to the inner circle.Now for the first time, you can discover:• The one mistake even professional singers make that drains the power from their voice… and the secret pencil trick that shortcuts your way to a voice that commands respect.  • How to master your natural voice in the shortest time possible… while you improve your level of communication with everyone you meet! (You’ll learn everything those stars paid thousands of dollars for!)  • Why “beginners” are able to use these simple techniques to quickly surpass more experienced professionals… even if you sound like the Wicked Witch of the West!  • How an ordinary pillow helped all-pro linebacker Dick Butkus transform from football star to television analyst. (Not one voice coach in a thousand even suspects the power of this simple technique!)  • A stunning secret revealed by singer Mel Torme which offers an insight into his lifetime success. • How to instantly diagnose mistakes in your voice — so you’ll never have a communication problem again. No one will ever mistake what you are saying. • How Lucie Arnaz overcame an allergic reaction that inflamed her vocal folds and used an instant mind-body secret to sing like a nightingale!  • How you can dictate your own identity to the world – as you want it to be – and not have it dictated to you! You Can Transform Your Life in Minutes A Day!Arthur Joseph is prepared to use all of his wizardry and spill the beans on all the insider secrets … and you’ll experience the magical power that your natural voice commands.But it’s not magic at all! You see, what you’ll discover from Arthur has almost nothing to do with traditional voice coaching… and everything to do with the amazing techniques he has developed over the years. He calls it “Vocal Power”, and has used these techniques to provide an instant boost to the careers of Hollywood’s most famous and now, he’s doing it for you


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