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Anthony Robbins – Reclaiming.Your.True.Identity

Anthony Robbins – Reclaiming.Your.True.Identity.DVDRip.XViD.avi
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Description here for the action book: you ever find yourself wanting to do things that usually wouldn’t be “you”? Have you ever looked with desire at accomplishments that you think might be within your reach? If you are having trouble mobilizing yourself to do things that you believe you might be capable of doing, it is most likely that there was a time in your life in which you made a key decision that has shaped the way you look at life, the way you interact with people, and the results you’re getting today. At a large Anthony Robbins’ conference, a 68-year-old Norwegian woman raised her hand with a simple question about her husband. Robbins quickly perceived that behind her question lay an ancient decision, made in childhood, which had determined her entire adult life and crushed her intimate relationships. During their conversation, you will see her reclaiming a long-lost identity and rediscovering an emotional richness she had not experienced in decades.            If you have ever wished to go back in time to change who you are if you would like to expand your abilities, your choices, and your freedom, you will find this film extremely valuable. Cloé Madanes presents a 7-step process that will guide you to discover and reverse the decisions that may be holding you back. The film will help you to re-evaluate your past decisions, to repair any negative consequences, to empower yourself emotionally, and to make new choices that will renew your life’s potential. If there are people in your life – your family, friends, co-workers who could use guidance in making decisions, this film will teach you how to communicate wisely to bring out the best in people. Includes Downloadable PDF: Practical Application Workbook, 30 pages.


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