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Anne Hooper – Classic Love Making Techniques (Kama Sutra)

Anne Hooper’s (Kama Sutra) – Classic Love Making Techniques
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Written more than 2,000 years ago, the Kama Sutra focuses on enhancing sensuality with heightened spirituality and erotic satisfaction. Anne Hooper, a noted sex therapist, highlights sexual techniques and interprets ancient wisdom for today’s lovers. Full-color photographs and illustrations.Synopsis:The “Kama Sutra”, the celebrated 2000-year-old piece of erotic literature, is brought up-to-date by sex therapist and author of “The Ultimate Sex Guide”, Anne Hooper, who has made a study of Oriental erotica. In this book she analyzes and reinterprets its teachings, highlighting the sexual techniques that have proved satisfying in the past. Packed with provocative information, photographs demonstrate the “Kama Sutra”‘s classic positions and lovemaking techniques. Spinning a Cacoon is one of the many examples which promise to heighten sensual enjoyment as you explore the delights of these original erotic texts to achieve maximum pleasure with your lover.


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