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Ann May – How To Be A Lady Killer

Lady Killer and bonuses
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WITH THE MAIN BOOK JUST PUT ANY NUMBERS IN THE ACCESSS BOX AND PREVENT INTERNET ACCESS TO FILE AND THE PDF FILE WILL OPEN! Here are just some of the diamonds hidden away for you inside How To Be A Lady Killer:The one cardinal sin you must never commit when you speak to a woman – slip up here and your chances of recovering are virtually nil. And there is a 92.4% chance you are already doing it. Find out what it is and how to fix it now on page 31.What are a woman’s four most basic needs and how can you satisfy them every time? One of these is almost unheard of – the most important one!! Learn how you can win her heart forever. Start now on page 25.The single most important part of seducing a woman with sizzling consistency. Hook your dream girl every time and reel her in like a fish on a line. Page 18.The single best way to rocket your chances of getting inside a woman’s underwear. You will draw women towards you like an industrial strength magnet. Take a look at page 20 now.Supercharge your sex-life with three simple methods to rocket your hit-rate with women. Whether you want quality, quantity or both – you will see stunning results. Page 54.How to avoid those deeply embarrassing silences during conversations…and why keeping her talking to you is the sure-fire way to bed her tonight. This alone is worth 10 times the price of the course. Turn to page 61.Finally revealed: the truth about how soon you should call a woman after you get her number. Are you thinking 2 to 3 days…? Think again, you could be killing your chances by over 62%. See proof on page 201.Conquer your choice of red-hot women with this fast-track method to make a sizzling first approach. Works like a charm. Check out page 73.One foolproof method to drive a first impression so deep inside her mind, she will be beating down your door to satisfy her desires. Head for page 82.Capture any woman you choose with twenty-seven astonishing ways to grab and hold a woman’s attention. Drive her crazy with desire as she hangs on every word you say for as long as you want. Starts on page 105.Forbidden methods to command women with hypnosis. How to slip your instructions so deep inside her mind she will swear they are her own thoughts. Man, you must promise to use these methods with care (some think they should be illegal)!! With such power comes enormous responsibility. Find out why on page 121.What raw qualities in a man, send women into a frenzy of sexual desire? (Note: two of these are almost unheard of and one is so important you should never approach a woman without it again… if you REALLY want her). Head straight for page 129.The twelve greatest mistakes men make with women. Most guys make five of these inside the first ten minutes. Skillfully side-step these common pit-falls and watch in disbelief as the sexiest women line up to be with you. Start on page 144.Eleven secret messages your body may be broadcasting without your knowledge – (Warning: one of these could kill every approach you make to a woman before you are within 10 feet of her… unless you are aware). See page 164.A thrilling 10-second “trick” you can perform on any woman to instantly expose her true desire for you… and you do not even need speak a word. Never again waste time on no-hopers – head straight to the women who are smoldering with passion. See page 171.EXPOSED: seven sure-fire signs a woman is flirting with you. Develop laser-precision accuracy for spotting the women who are hot for sex with you. Start right now on page 184.Sixteen incredible methods you can use to seduce your choice of woman. You’ll have women stampeding towards your bedroom like a herd of wild animals. Page 172.Skillfully plant the desire for sex with you so deeply inside a woman’s mind, every fiber of her body will scream at her to bed you now… and she won’t know why. Head straight for page 122.Six killer steps to a sizzling first date encounter to leave her gasping to see you again. WARNING!! Miss out just one of these and you may never get another chance. Discover why on page 22.Eight explosive ways of showing her you are interested without you saying a word. How to approach any woman for the first time and already know she is “up for it”. Page 168.The single most deadly type of conversation a woman will lead you into, how to sense it coming from a mile away and the sure-fire way to dodge her lethal trap. Watch her eyes light up with pure desire as you deliver the “text-book” reply every time. See page 31.How to use three cheeky little tricks guaranteed to get women talking to you first. Finally an end to nervous approaches, fumbled introductions and any risk of rejection. Visit page 78.”LINES! Do they really work?” Could your sex-life rocket by using them more often? Finally an end to the fiercest ever debate in dating history. WARNING: be prepared for a shocking answer. You will find the answer on page 91.Why complimenting a woman’s new hairstyle could be the biggest mistake you make this year (the reason will astonish you). Turn to page 102.How adding five simple words to your speech can skyrocket the impact on your woman by a staggering 420%. Awesome power – on page 103.Why a brand-new method called “R.E.Q.” can give you total control of every women from this day forward. They will be ripping at your clothes with raw passion once you begin using this. Get started on page 111.One stunning method you can use to hook a woman just before you part. She’ll be so desperate to see you again, she may not let you out of her sight. Check out page 119.A guaranteed method to make a woman say “yes” to almost anything you wish. Warning!! Be very careful what you wish for – it may just come true. Start on page 124.Twenty startling ways to focus a woman’s attention so tightly on you, she will be deaf to a sound from anyone else. Kill any hope of competition from other guys now on page 125.What are the five most important elements you must combine to guarantee a woman’s undying passion? Miss just one of these and you may as well be invisible. Catch them all on page 129.How to steal the most closely guarded secrets of a billion dollar industry to stir up emotions in your woman she will never forget. And it will not cost you a dime. Sensational. Turn to page 139.Immediately discover the one deadly thing you should never (ever) do on a date – and you will be doing it already without even being aware. Boost your chances of a second date by 450% in one simple step. See page 144.Strike up a conversation instantly with every hot woman you see and banish hesitation forever – an easy nine-step solution – and it works!! This is worth it’s weight in pure gold. Find out why on page 76.What’s the single most important thing super-studs all have in common? (Hint: it’s got nothing to do with their looks). Uncover their best-kept secret to snatch the sexiest women from under their noses. Find out now on page 66.How to uncover those dream women with heavenly bodies AND a great personality. They’re easy to find…if you know where, when and what to look for. You’ll be tracking them like a heat-seeking missile after visiting page 213.How to use your very own killer Seduction Pyramid for breath-taking results. You’ve never seen anything like this before but it delivers night after night of red-hot women to your bedroom door. Starts as early as page 4.The exact 15 words I used to pick up the unknown blonde, countless women since and how you can do the same. How you can be the guy who is “stroking the cat” tonight… Page 79.The one simple secret that will make the single biggest difference between your run-away success with women and total failure. You will be shocked to the bone when you discover why. See page 175.Oh Man! And this is just the tip of the iceberg…


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