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Alex Grey and Kenji Williams – Worldspirit

[1 DVD – AVI]



WORLDSPIRIT by Alex Grey and Kenji WilliamsWORLDSPIRIT is a landmark audio-visual theater experience featuring poetry and storytelling by visionary artist Alex Grey, music by electronic composer and violinist Kenji Williams (ABA Structure), and multi-screen projections of Alex Grey’s world-famous paintings.DVD    * 1-hour video of the live performance seamlessly interwoven with Alex Grey’s art –                 in both 2.0 stereo and 5.1 surround-sound audio    * 1-hour ‘art only’ video featuring Alex Grey’s art set to the soundtrack of the         performance – in both vocal and instrumental versions    * 40-minute documentary on the creation of WORLDSPIRIT “A beautiful, brilliant, exhilarating multimedia presentation of sacred art and music. Dazzling from beginning to end, and deeply moving throughout. Highly recommended!” -Ken Wilber


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