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alex armani – instant HGH release (human growth hormone)

Alex Armani – Instant HGH Release
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i just got this a couple of nights ago and tried it out last night. worth a listen. starts a little corny but once the binary beats got started it started getting pleasurable then i either went into a trance or went to sleep, not sure what. hypnosis, binary beats, hemi-sync, human growth hormonemp3 320 kbps true stereo no filtering below 10hz (and no, i’m not ripping to flac as everything i’ve read so far about hemi-sync tells me this should be more than adequate)enjoy!alex armani (Lavish Life)- instant HGH releaseAs part of the long awaited Instant Breakthrough™ Series, this CD is guaranteed to release HGH and IGF-1 that will effectively reverse the aging process. You have the latent ability to use your own hormones in a powerful way, and this CD will release your potential. Not only will this CD positively change your body chemistry, it will also make you appear more youthful! Because this CD contains hypnosis, please read all the way through before you make the decision to buy this now…Instant HGH Release™ CDAnti-Aging and Youth Restoring Hypnosis.The following description has been supported by scientific and clinical studies:You’ve probably heard about the miracle of HGH (human growth hormone) and/or IGF-1. Without going into a full fledged thesis on the topic, by the time you’ve finished reading this page, you’ll understand the basics and you’ll come to the realization that you can stop or even reverse the aging process. Sound a little far fetched??? Keep reading.Speaking of average people across the world, their hormone levels change as time goes on. I’m sure you already understand that people get old, whither, and eventually die (usually in a depleted physical state). I’m sure you’ve also seen people who seem to defy the aging process, you’ve also heard of people living well over a hundred years of age with little effects on their health, appearance, or ability to enjoy life. Looking at the average though, this is not the norm but the exception. Speaking from a hormone level, an average person who does not have this CD has a phenotype typical of the following:As you can see for yourself, the average person experiences a steep decline in hGH levels as they get older. The obvious question to scientists is what causes this reduction in hGH and how this might actually affect the aging process. In other words, at first glance, hGH reduction could be a symptom of aging, or it could be a cause. Working from the fundamental truth that a person cannot die while they’re still getting stronger, more energetic, and healthier it would beg the conclusion that hGH reduction in a person’s body is akin to a death sentence. In essence, this is what science has concluded; reducing growth hormone is responsible for a preponderance of the aging process in humans.Now, hGH is a naturally occurring hormone in your body with supreme benefits to your health and well being (discussed below). It restores and maintains your natural body functions. If high levels are maintained in the body, a person could essentially become a super human. This is why hGH in artificial form is banned by the NCAA, NBA, MLB, NFL, and the Olympics because increasing your hGH levels gives you an unfair athletic advantage. An athlete will get stronger, faster, and will recover much faster because hGH produces a natural rejuvenating effect… in essence, it releases your own natural abilities. If a cheating athlete could get the benefits of hGH without using unsafe or illegally distributed synthetic hormones, they would become a naturally effective super athlete. The page you’re now reading holds the key to doing just this! (for example, in 2004 I was an NCAA All-American…. the oldest one at that).To understand how you can become your own version of a super human through all natural means, you must first understand some simple biology. If you just want the benefits without understanding, then quit reading and just order right now. For those who are a bit curious, I’ll delve into a little more detail… If you understand cell replication, then you know that each and every cell in your body contains a full DNA ‘source code’. Occasionally a cell messes up the replication (cancer cell), but these cells are dysfunctional and die off quickly. For a healthy person, everything works as prescribed. The cells replicate perfectly. This means the cells of your body are YOUNG… they are constantly being regenerated. The accumulated age of your cells are extremely young… they never make it to teenage years (not even close!).Now, understanding that your body regenerates and replicates perfect copies at the cellular level, scientist initially could not understand why people age at all… there’s no reason to. In essence, we should all live forever barring severe fatal injury. This begs the question… why or (better yet) how do we age? The theory is there are genes we all have that go off over time. These genes trigger changes in the body and sequentially set off other genes through the changes that have already occurred. How this would work is a gene triggers the reduction in hGH, the reduction then sets off other genes (a gene for Alzheimer’s for example*) and the process just spirals downward slowly. In fact,  the major trigger is the reduction in hGH. Therefore, the reduction in hGH is a huge reason why people age.* Correlation between Alzheimer’s and hGH can be shown, but does not necessarily denote causation.Since you now know a major reason how aging occurs, you can do something about it! If you can effectively maintain your hGH levels, you will stop the aging process. In fact, you can even reverse the aging process to become even more younger as time goes on! Imagine that… you get stronger, healthier, more energy, and a better memory as you get older….Sound a bit unreal?? Well, consider the scientifically and clinically proven benefits of hGH that you will enjoy when you buy this CD now:Increase your muscle toneRaise your energy levelsDecrease your fat levelsEnhance your Sex Drive and performanceRejuvenate your skin and reduce wrinklesImprove your visionIncrease your memory recallStrengthen your bonesBoost your immune system Stimulate your lost hair to re-growExperience a better night’s restLower your blood pressureI don’t know if you can imagine what your life will look like once you’ve totally taken advantage of what this technology has to offer you. One thing is certain, your life will undoubtedly improve instantaneously. How can I be so certain? I mean, isn’t it a little ridiculous to think hypnosis could do all this?Everything discussed above has been demonstrated and confirmed by science. The effects of hGH are real and are here to stay. Now that you’ve read this far, it’s only a matter of connecting the dots to convince yourself that this CD holds the key to stopping or reversing the aging process.Among several uses, hypnosis has been used in the medical field as a natural anesthetic. For example, people under hypnosis have had full dental procedures done, limbs amputated, or even incurable conditions reversed. It’s been well documented and accepted that patients under hypnosis can have teeth pulled without any painkillers and not only feel great throughout the process, but actually have no need for gauze! That’s right, not even a drop of blood. The reason is because hypnosis will alter what happens within your body. It will affect blood flow or hormone release (in this case, adrenaline and some neurotransmitters). The hypnosis effect on the body’s chemistry is well documented. Even further is it’s potential for curing ailments. I have a friend who had an inoperable tumor and through hypnosis was able to reverse the process. The doctors to this day think there must have been a fluke on the initial scan… no such fluke, the incurable was cured through natural micro processes in his body. When you own this CD and listen to it, you will benefit from a scientifically documented process proven to alter your body chemistry… your hGH levels will skyrocket!Alex Armani is a certified and professional hypnotist who has a dynamic ability to produce deep trance phenomena. This is important to you because you want the very best programming available to go into your mind and begin the process of releasing your own natural growth hormones. When you listen to this CD, and allow it to subconsciously reprogram you now, you will stop and even reverse the aging process over time, instantly. All you need to do is relax and listen, this CD takes care of the rest!Your Instant HGH Release™ CD features:Ericksonian HypnosisAdvanced Synesthetics™Nuero-Linguistic Programming (NLP)Dual InductionDual Binaural BeatsThe Explanation:The combined effects of these features allow you experience results unparalleled by any other hypnosis product, pills, or sublingual potion. This synergistic effect is known as “potentiation”. Essentially this means that when certain sequences in your brain are activated just right, your mind’s ability improves at an exponential rate! Alex uses this to YOUR ADVANTAGE. Erickson hypnosis is based on the life’s work of Milton Erickson, the world’s greatest hypnotist of all time. NLP is a branch of psychology often used by hypnotist. Most hypnotists utilize the Milton Model, but Alex doesn’t stop there. His understanding of NLP isn’t limited to language patterns. Your CD utilizes more of the proven technologies to give your mind even more resources to bring about this positive change that you’re about to experience. Dual induction is only attainable when using an audio recording or when using two or more hypnotists simultaneously. The reason is because dual induction is actually two or more sets of suggestions and commands heard simultaneously. The result is that you get inundated with positive suggestions which forces your conscious mind into an automatic receptive state (usually through unbalanced confusion). It also means that your mind absorbs at least twice as much programming on a per minute basis. Taken together, those reasons are one reason why you’ll get the most rapid results possible.Dual binaural beats are scientifically designed sounds that automatically put your mind into the proper state whether or not you help make it happen. They also sync up your two brain hemispheres so that the changes occur within your whole mind. The binaural beats on this hGH CD are designed to release more hGH and IGF-1 even without hypnosis. To get the most benefit out of the binaural beats and this CD, you should use stereo headphones. This insures that you get maximum results. Be warned that some eBayers I’ve seen dismiss binaural beats saying that they’re “distracting”. Those eBayers are almost certainly scam artist using “subliminals” [read non-existent], they have to say something about not having this powerful technology because they do not have the ability, understanding, or foresight to give you this benefit. You’ll know this for yourself because first off, the sounds you’ll hear on this CD are scientifically designed to GET YOU RESULTS. Second, the sounds put you into a state of euphoria, it’s almost as though you’re on some type of drug. The reason it feels that way is because your mind is able to release neurotransmitters when it syncs up and goes into a peaceful and blissful trance. Therefore, even if being distracted were bad (I will get back to this in a moment), your conscious mind would essentially be in heaven listening to the virtuosic sounds. Finally, as stated in the paragraph above, if your conscious mind gets a little confused, who cares? The part that’s being programmed is your subconscious mind. However, Alex goes a step even beyond by using his trademarked Advanced Synesthetics™. Basically this is where Alex is able to utilize all of your senses simultaneously. When all of your senses are used, your subconscious programming becomes exponentially more effective because one will build upon another. With all the features used congruently, it’s like adding a rocket engine to your car!No pill or potion can reprogram your cells to release hGH or turn off any age genes, meaning this CD will produce results where other expensive products or treatments might fail.Use of this CD is not only effective, but totally and completely safe without any negative side effects.There are side effects… positive ones:You might experience a reduced need for sleepYou might find yourself with an increased libido (be sure you’re ready for this)You might find your stress levels reduced dramaticallyYou might find that you get sick a lot less oftenYou might find that you have more energy than you used to.Listening will take around 20 minutes with stereo headphones. That’s it.Because of the technology that Alex uses on this CD, once you listen to this CD, and allow it’s effects to manifest, the suggestions will carry on into the rest of your life without any conscious effort on your part!If you’ve read this far, then you owe it to yourself to experience what this CD has to offer you. It will be like turning back your biological clock, instantly.


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