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AFC Adam Lyons – New York City Lair Talk – (January 2010)




AFC Adam’s latest Lair talk. You can also stream this (not download) at .Enjoy!Pickup Artist  Events ( in New York City was founded in 2009 by a group of dating coaches and pickup artists (PUAs) living in New York City.Pickup Artist Events hosts the premier dating coaches and experts, Casanovas, and pickup artists (PUAs) from around the world. Join us in our monthly meetings and special events as we bring famous speakers like Mystery and Matador from VH1’s The Pickup Artist and New York City native Brad P., rated the #1 Pickup Artist in the world, or meet the great London pickup artist AFC Adam Lyons, right here in your backyard in New York City.Our personal effort is to scout out new local pickup artists (PUA) and dating coaches in New York City, nationwide, and world-wide, bringing quality presentations to New York City on a regular basis at a low cost.We hope that our services allow our members to learn datings skills in New York City cheaply and effectively, while at the same time being a part of a community of men with like-minded goals who support and learn from each other.We are always looking for new dating coaches, pickup artists (PUA) and speakers for our meetings, so don’t hesitate to contact us with suggestions.We are affiliated with The New York Lair (


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