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Adam Eason – Your Brain In Your Underwear

Your Brain In Your Underwear
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Since having sex is by and large, the strongest drive and the most natural desire that us men are born with, how is it that so many men are not really any good at it?It’s all in the mind…I worked with a man who had less than hard erections that usually only lasted temporarily, he saw me for hypnosis. We had his mind find the root cause of the problem, and it took us back to a time when he was 14 years old, some magazines spread across his bed in his bedroom while he was masturbating. In the middle of his fun and games, his mum walked in and caught him at it! His erection disappeared quicker than if he had hit his John Thomas with a cold spoon!Your brain in your underwearAdd to that the powerful emotions of fear, embarrassment and guilt; those are the big ones in storing powerful negative events in our minds!This combination left him with fading erections. We released the event, used some powerful hypnosis. And … low and behold…he’s a happy man and his wife has one big smile on her face.All kinds of guys find that they have had early sexual shenanigans that created a conditioned response that still persists.With this programme you will learn how to:    * Let go of negative conditioned responses from your past.    * Enjoy stronger, harder erections whenever you want to.    * Last longer and longer when having sex.    * Heighten your awareness of your own physiology.    * Be relaxed and enjoy sex more and more.    * Control your conscious thoughts.    * Use your internal dialogue as a powerful sexual aid.    * Have more amazing orgasms.    * Much more….Performance anxiety?This programme frees your mind of performance anxiety and creates “Performance Expectancy”!!! Worry and anxiety can create fear, and that fear can create a serious problem in the sack. Sexual failure can start a vicious cycle of performance pressures. This can happen in new relationships and can continue in the relationship once the mind is set. Having the right mindset and possessing the right feelings can transform your sexual experiences dramatically.Lack of sensory awareness.This programme shows you how to develop more sensory awareness. Blokes who can last ages in bed know exactly when their “point of no return” is (just as you are about to shout “Geronimo!”), and take corrective action before that point is reached. For those who are not tuned in to how their body is functioning, it all goes off before they even had a clue and the lucky lady (or man) has a frown of disappointment on her face. There are so many things a man can do to have the ultimate orgasm control, and get their mind to help the body to last for longer before the point of no return. This programme ensures your unconscious mind knows how.This programme includes:    * Conscious techniques for heightening your brains capacity to allow your body to respond how it wants to.    * Several hypnosis sessions to programme your mind at the unconscious level for sexual capability.    * A step by step guide to learning how to use your brain to enhance your sex life in a wide variety of ways. This programme shows you how to:    * Overcome impotence.    * Free yourself from premature ejaculation.    * Let go of sexual fears.    * Let go of emotional conflicts that may be stopping you from having the sex life you love.    * Enhance your orgasms.    * Distort time to make your orgasms last longer and longer!    * Create more sexual confidence.    * Be a more powerful, confident lover and enjoy being sexually spontaneous!    * How to engage in the moment of your sexual experiences to enjoy every single second of joy. Mind-Body CommunicationYour mind is responsible for the messages that your body is receiving that create your bedroom performance. Hypnosis can help change those messages. Your mind knows why it is performing the way it is. It is often the result of a sequence of events in the mind that tell the body when and how to do things. So few of us know how to actually use this for our advantage. Until now my friends…Join men all over the world that are learning how to take themselves on a hypnotic journey inside their own brain to create a blueprint of the conditions needed to create a harder, longer lasting erections and better sexual performance. Learn how to use these learning’s to integrate all the conditions needed to actually change the way your brain controls your erections and sexual functioning. You can just learn how to use your brain in your underwear properly.


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