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Lenny Darnell – DHE

Lenny Darnell – DHE
[17 CDs VHS Rip]



“Lenny Darnell is a premier example of my new breed of NLP™, DHE™ and NHR™ practitioners and trainers–an evolutionizer and revolutionizer. I hand-selected Lenny as an apprentice and have personally instructed him in my latest and most potent material. His humorous, creative and playful approach to life, training and coaching make him a pleasure to work with and to learn from–with truly magical results. It doesn’t get better than this.” Richard Bandler, Creator of NLP™, DHE™ and NHR™ and author of Using your Brain for a Change. “Lenny is one of the brightest stars or the new NLP™, DHE™ and NHR™ practitioners and trainers. His engaging style draws people in and entertains them while they learn automatically and change quickly. He is thorough and cares deeply about each student. I encourage anyone wanting rich, deep learning to experience Lenny”John LaValle, Executive Coach, Co-Author of Persuasion Engineering and President of The Society of Nuero Linguistic Programming™ “Lenny Darnell has been around the block–as a successful executive and leader, and facilitating rapid change as a consultant, coach and mentor. Heis a brilliant thinker, able to absorb what is needed and wanted and to provide the tools to accomplish the task at hand. A true learner andseeker, he is always searching and discovering, a fundamental key to being a great consultant. I recommend him very highly.” Thomas Crum, Consultant, Coach and Author of Magic of Conflict and Journey to Center, CEO, Aiki Works, Inc. “In my work as a CEO, there are few people I have met from whom I have learned more than Lenny Darnell. His varied and successful business experience, his formal training and informal networking skills, and his incisive and quick mind have all made him one of the most valuable resource persons I know. Whether you, as a leader or executive, are looking for a personal coach or whether you are looking for someone to train, inspire and help build up the abilities of your team, I would recommend Lenny Darnell. You will find him engaging, knowledgeable, humorous, creative, responsive, and accountable.”Lawrence T. Geraty, Ph.D., President, La Sierra University[=====================] NLP & DHE™ ist…Die wichtigsten Unterschiede zwischen NLP und DHENLP basiert auf Reproduktion, DHE auf Kreation!DHE™ beschäftigt sich in erster Linie mit Kommunikation erster Ordnung, der mit sich selbst! Das Motto für DHE ist: YOU GO FIRST! Leb es vor! Das Motto für Kongruenz!NLP basiert darauf wie Informationen sequentiell aufgenommen werden! DHE™ basiert darauf, wie Informationen gleichzeitig aufgenommen werden!NLP zerlegt menschliches Verhalten in immer kleinere Einheiten!DHE™ ist das Beispiel dafür, wie größere Teile menschlicher Erfahrung zusammengesetzt werden um erfolgreich zu wirkenDHE™ schafft äußerst wirksame “künstliche” Ressourcen durch auditive InstallationenDHE™ macht deutlich, dass Gefühle Körperempfindungen sind, denen wir ein Etikett zuordnen und dass das Etikett oftmals beschränkend wirkt! Löst Etiketten auf und ermöglicht so neue Gefühle… DHE istDHE™ ist die kreative Weiterentwicklung aus NLP von Richard Bandler.


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